Choosing an Air Conditioner

There are a variety of options when it comes to making the decision of which air conditioner to have in your home, and it just depends what functionality is going to be right for you. A priority that is probably quite high on your list is to find a system that is both energy-efficient and quiet. Fujitsu and Daikin are both well-known to have these features in their systems.

What air conditioner types are available?

  • ac_0003_high-wall

    Inverter high-wall split systems

    Suitable for cooling/heating most rooms in residential homes or commercial offices.

  • ac_0002_multi-split

    Inverter multi-split systems with high-wall or ceiling cassette indoor units

    Suitable for cooling/heating residential homes or commercial offices where outdoor space is limited.

  • ac_0001_cassette

    Inverter ceiling cassette split systems

    Suitable for cooling/heating open areas in residential homes or commercial offices.

  • ac_0000_ducted

    Inverter ducted split systems

    Suitable for cooling/heating entire homes or commercial offices. Available with a day/night control system or a full temperature control system for up to 8 zones.

Why inverter technology?

In a nutshell, air conditioners with inverter technology are far more cost-effective than conventional systems because they are more energy-efficient and yet more powerful.

Conventional air conditioners constantly operate at a fixed speed, using the same amount of energy throughout the entirety of its use, while an inverter system operates more intelligently to suit actual requirements and fluctuates accordingly.

This advanced technology adjusts the cooling and heating output in correlation to the room’s temperature. When the desired temperature is reached, inverter technology ensures it is consistently maintained, keeping you comfortable while running more efficiently.

All air conditioning systems sold and installed by Keppel Koolit use inverter technology.

Which system is going to work the best for me?

It is important to choose an air conditioner that has the correct capacity (measured in kilowatts) for the space you require to cool or heat. Selecting a system which is the wrong capacity for the size of the room results in poor performance and increased energy use – which means higher operating costs and potentially reduces the system’s life span. Factors such as the amount of shading and insulation a room has, or the height of the ceiling will play a role in determining the correct capacity required.

We offer free, no-obligation quotes to ensure you are purchasing correctly-sized air conditioning systems that also fit in with the decor of your home or office.

Why Keppel Koolit?

At Keppel Koolit, we know that reliability is key when choosing the right air conditioner. It pays to stick with a well-established business that can take you through the whole process from choosing the right system, to installation, to looking after you with full 5 years parts and labour warranty on every air conditioner sold.

We have been selling and installing sophisticated, high-quality air conditioners in the Rockhampton, Capricorn Coast and Emerald regions for over 20 years. We pride ourselves not only on the quality systems we sell, but also our high standard of excellence in workmanship and customer service.

As we are the warranty agents for all brands of air conditioners sold by us, you can rest assured in the instances where your system might require attention, it will be repaired locally.

We also offer excellent after sales service!

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